Suggestions for New Hub Writers, Unpublished Hubs and Review

  1. Michael Willis profile image81
    Michael Willisposted 6 years ago

    There has been much discussion about new hubs written by new hubbers. (Newbies) The obvious response from experienced writers on the site may be to go to the learning center or read the terms of service and FAQ section. All these places are great for someone new to this site and loaded with information.

    I have a thought about a way that may be beneficial to the development of new Hubbers in their online writing for HubPages.
    It may take a big site layout change, but could help with so many new hubs from new writers on the site being unpublished at the beginning. And would definitely deter the spammers as they would see it as a waste of their time joining up!


    1-Create a place on HubPages where the new writer or even new Hub members, up to a probationary period, could publish their hubs to be viewed by Hub members on HubPages as well as Hub Staff.
    The new writer could interact with critiques, suggestions, ideas and corrections before the Hub is officially published to the World Wide Web.
    This would eliminate the unpublishing of hubs right after they are published and numerous forum threads asking, Why was my hub unpublished? And no one knows how to help since we cannot see the unpublished hub.

    2-Allow for a Hubber to enable someone outside Hub Staff to temporarily see their unpublished hub in order to advise them of the issues and how to fix them.

    3-A suggestion for the probationary period to have first hubs published; maybe something like first 3 moderated hubs in a pre-determined time frame.(Such as 24 hours apart or even longer)
    Maybe even require a determined time frame before first publication as well.

    Just something I am throwing out there for Hub Team to think about, revise or ignore if chosen to. With all the disputes and rants over flagging hubs and hubs unpublished I am trying to suggest an idea that may help every member.

    I am sure there are many others who have ideas on how to improve this issue and maybe with putting all out thoughts together we can come up with an idea that works.

    Starting this Forum Thread for thoughts and ideas to help, not for attacks or put downs on any other Hubbers.