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  1. hus 96 profile image37
    hus 96posted 7 years ago

    NOW let me get this straight. I’m a girl .A normal one who according a good friend needs a BIT of rehabilitation. And one of the things in her bid to “rehabilitate” me is to make me promise that I would wear a chain. A promise I dutifully keep ONLY when I know she would be around. This friend of mine means a lot, but not even she cant  MAKE ME WEAR MAKEUP and I’m not even sure why in the world girls do wear it.

    I mean I’m not Aishwariya Rai or Deepika Padukone. Most certainly not .But yet even I’m not so ugly that I need to spend most of my pocket money on different coloured paint and powders in order to smear it on my face and cover it up. And it sure confuses me as to why girls who are most certainly good looking would do so. Is it supposed to be some sort of disguise or some secret service that I’m just not aware of?

    Well anyway, Since I am not gifted enough to belong to this elite club And being an economics student I thought I’d be charitable and provide the members of this club some tips on saving their money spent on makeup. So here goes..

    1)    Rose powder or blush

    This is used to give the afore said ladies some colour onto their cheeks and make them look as though they are blushing the whole time through. Now if you are interested in making your cheeks pink and want it to last for more than a few hours, let me know. I’d gladly pinch it for you, and mind you, I’m pretty good at it you know. But if you want a more long lasting blush I’ll introduce you to my friend. She sure pinches like a lobster!

    But if you want a less violent way and you don’t like your veggies then rather than chucking them down the bin when your mums not looking take that beetroot and apply it on your cheeeeks!


    Lipstick is used to make the female lips more attractive and more pinker or seem more redder. Don’t spend your money for a stick for the lips .Just peel your lips for that soft pink look. You can even use a razor if you want .But if you want a less barbaric way for red lips try a strawberry lollipop and take your time with it. You don’t have time for it? No problem. Just have a Necto!


    Just use your kid siblings felt pen. Don’t worry .They most probably won’t miss it.

    4)  Gothic makeup

    Now this is a type of makeup that seems to be pretty popular among some Hollywood artistes and achieved at quite an expense. But here in Sri lanka, it can be achieved free in the Maligawatte area right here in Colombo. All you got to do is to lift the hem of your dress a few notches higher and go start a brawl. You are sure to get a gothic look that would make a panda run for its money. So rejoice Lankan ladies, here’s your chance to achieve that Hollywood look all for FREE!!

    That’s all the handy hints I can cook up for you girls. Basically because my knowledge of the different types of makeup is pretty much limited .But all of you out there are most certainly welcome to provide these make up donning ladies with more money saving makeup tips. So go ahead, help them. During these hard times I’m sure they are waiting for more…

    1. saveascj profile image56
      saveascjposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      cosmetics and fragrance make girls more charming.

      1. hus 96 profile image37
        hus 96posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        fragrance definetly, coz v dont hve it in us, bt each n evry being hz dere own unique luk, n if u really think u need 2 luk good or chrming, da bst thing to do is smile, coz nuthin makes us luk mre chrming dan a dazzling smile.. smile.. by da way if dats ur pic u definetly dont need mke up 2 look charming.. smile.. tc..

  2. profile image0
    Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years ago

    You've just posted your entire hub on the forum. Is there any reason for this????

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