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    gail1109posted 10 years ago

    hey,guys,glad to see u in this forum,i have played wow for 3 years andi have a warlock in the server alleria,recently my acc gets banned from the blizzard,it is the worst thing that i ever have in my life,in my opinion,there is nothing more important than my acc,and i choose a service to level my char.i play in the daytime and my son play in the afternoon,my son is very sad and crying all the time. now everything is a mess,the blizzard has deleted my accs with all my gold and items,i am very sad and desperate while the company i chose to level my char didn't offer any compensation.,i hate them ,and i want to screw them.damn it,bad guys,they are really losing customers.now i chose another service. everything is allright,and my new char is running gd,so if you guys have the same problems with me,maybe my suggestion can do something good for you.hope u can enjoy yourself in this game.lol

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    thecounterpunchposted 10 years ago