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website plus hub

  1. Ritsos profile image44
    Ritsosposted 6 years ago

    after reading several posts and polls, I think it's probably a good time to set up a website for adsense too.

    One thing I wonder is how people decide to split their work between their own site and hubpages. I'm thinking of making the site articles that I actually have an interest in, and the HP ones more geared around popularity .. for eg .. I have zero interest in the Royal Wedding but they are popular so I may leave them on HP ... wonder how others define it.

    Also, although I'm a web designer I'm going to try Wordpress for my site and wondered if anyone could recommend a good WP theme for use with adsense ?


    1. recommend1 profile image71
      recommend1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The latest wordpress theme is usually the best, I use twenty ten and it is easy to place your content and ads where you want it.  The biggest issue I feel is that the later themes are already well set up for SEO - great for me as this would have remained a mystery until the last learning block I suspect.

  2. mcbean profile image75
    mcbeanposted 6 years ago

    One of the best lessons I learned at hubpages was diversity.
    With the recent google dance I was glad that I had nearly 10 sites up and running to take up the hubpages slack.

    One of the best aspects of hubpages is identifying profitable niches. I use Market Samurai to narrow down the field then test the waters with a hub. If things turn out well, by the time I eventually get around to setting up a new site I have a nicely aged hub with a PR of 1 or 2 ready to provide a quality backlink.

    I use wordpress but don't have a specific theme recommendation - I use a number and find content rather than theme is the biggest factor in monetization.

    My advice - get onboard, get hosting for an unlimited number of sites and gradually build your portfolio using hubpages as both a testing ground, backlinking site and source of direct traffic.
    Writing a new hub is also a great way of getting your new site indexed as hubpages gets crawled every few hours.

    get motivated and get writing - it will be rewarding.

  3. Ultimate Hubber profile image62
    Ultimate Hubberposted 6 years ago

    I have a few websites and I spend good amount of time on HP as well.
    I don't spend fixed amount of time on each of my websites or HP. When I feel like writing a hub, I write it and same is with websites.

    Wordpress is the best option and select a theme that suits your site.

  4. Ritsos profile image44
    Ritsosposted 6 years ago

    Thanks .. sounds like it's a good idea ... I already have my own hosting so that isn't a problem and I think I have a domain name in mind for my interests or maybe I need to split them into different sites ... I'll plan this out before I start I think.

    Will have a look at later WP themes too ...

    thanks all

    1. recommend1 profile image71
      recommend1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Note that domain name will appear in any sub-domains - which are usually free to create.  Unless all your 'niches' are aaround a central subject you might be best to use a generic domain name ??

  5. Pandoras Box profile image67
    Pandoras Boxposted 6 years ago

    Separate sites for separate niches will make seo easier and more effective.

  6. TerryGl profile image60
    TerryGlposted 6 years ago

    With the 26 February change, there is now a new way at looking at building Wordpress websites. A lot of this is looking at a silo structure and a theme that supports such a structure. Don't make the mistake of using a free theme and look for a good quality premium theme.

    Such themes reduce the need for plugins that drain resources and also the themes target good clean php coding.

    Since 26 February it is now more important to have a good back end on your site, less ads, no affiliate links (cloaking) but there is a way around that and quality content of a decent length.

    I have recently upgraded one of my sites using some of these techniques and the improvements are quite noticeable.