1. peacefulcarol profile image51
    peacefulcarolposted 7 years ago

    Hi I'm a newbie, just posted my first hub.  'Motivation Cleaned My Closet'   Suggestions very welcome.

    My question is - can we post a link to an affiliate program other than the ones mentioned, like adsense, amazon, etc.  Can we post our affiliate link to let's say... abc company?   thanks for your help.   peacefulcarol

  2. Cagsil profile image61
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    Welcome to Hubpages!

    I realize you're new, so I guess this is just an informational post more than it is about criticizing you. Do take it as informational.

    You've posted in the Hubber's Hangout, and asking for suggestions? Which means, you should be in the Extreme Hub Makeover Forum thread instead. Don't worry, I've reported this thread(so do not start another one on this topic) to Staff and they will move it.

    Secondly, when you use the Extreme Hub Makeover Forum thread, you are allowed to post up your Hub link(no tracker- it's bad taste) and get help on improving your hub. Again, this thread should be moved.

    As for putting affiliate links into your hubs. Yes, you are allowed to do so. However, I would highly suggest your read through the FAQ's page and the Learning Center, so as to get a better understanding of Hubpages.

    There is such a thing as overly promotional, which you should learn about in the Learning Center. Too many links will get your hub flagged and unpublished.

    Other than that, please try to put your posts into the correct(or as close as you can) category. The Hubber's Hangout is for generalized chatter and sharing of pleasantries. The Sandpit is for games.

    Any post you open in a category, is put up onto other people's hubs that are related to your post, so please do try to keep it appropriate and professional. The reading of the forum rules and the TOS of Hubpages, should have already been done, but if you haven't, then please read them. Statistically speaking, more than 50% of people, never to bother reading the TOS(terms of service) for whatever website/blog/hub online. It seems like they don't care what is in it. And, then later claim not to know certain things are violations of those terms of service.

    I do hope you enjoy yourself while here. smile