NTSB: Cracks found in 3 grounded Southwest planes

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    Stacie Lposted 7 years ago

    By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press – 1 hr 25 mins ago
    YUMA, Ariz. – Three more Southwest Airlines jetliners have small, subsurface cracks that are similar to the cracks suspected of playing a role in the fuselage tear of a Boeing 737-300, causing the aircraft to lose pressure and forcing a frightening emergency landing, officials said.
    The 5-foot-long hole tore open in the passenger cabin roof area shortly after the plane left Phoenix for Sacramento, Calif., Friday afternoon. None of the 118 people aboard was seriously hurt as the plane descended from 34,400 feet to a military base in Yuma, 150 miles southwest of Phoenix.
    Since then Southwest grounded its 79 other Boeing 737-300s and began inspecting them.
    Sunday night, another Southwest Boeing jet was diverted, this time because of a burning electrical smell in the passenger cabin, Southwest and Los Angeles International Airport officials said.


      i usually fly on Southwest but now it's making me think twice about y next trip...

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      classicalgeekposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Southwest still has an exemplary safety record. The NTSB is expected to clear them of any and all wrongdoing, and they take their safety very seriously and respond quickly to any emergency--as evidenced by their pulling so many planes to make emergency inspections.

      My money is still on Southwest for getting me there alive.