Invalid Input Error during Google Analytics Signup - Fixed

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    DJ Kleenposted 7 years ago

    I can has Fix.

    - From HubPages Help and Learning Center -

    We recommend the following settings:

        Website’s URL:

    Note, if your username has a space, use %20 in its place (e.g. profile/YOUR%20NAME).  If, due to another odd character, your profile name doesn’t work, don’t worry;  you only really need the UA code which you’ll enter in to your affiliate settings.


    The problem is that you WILL receive an Invalid Input Error and CANNOT advance thru the first page.

    The Website URL is ONLY looking for the Domain, so it should look like this instead:

    Website’s URL:

    You will need to modify your GA Account *AFTER* it is created to reflect /profile/YOURPROFILENAMEHERE

    - As noted from the GA Help Forum

    STEP 1 - when you are initially signing up.. there is the box with http or https to select..leave as http
    and enter in the section where you enter the rest of it

    In other words, you only need domain url in there..

    STEP 2 - Once you have the account setup.. then you will have to edit the Main Website Profile Information under Profile Settings.. and enter your Website Url as

    Just verified and received my UA #