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Video from Youtube code don't seem to work

  1. profile image0
    Multimanposted 6 years ago

    Recently when I get code from youtube it looks different and will not take when I try to use it to get a video capsule.  Looks something like this youtu.be/768746  instead of the regular code that used to be on hte youtube page for a video.  Anyone else finding this problem?

  2. CMHypno profile image94
    CMHypnoposted 6 years ago

    There is an option to use old embed code on YouTube, which should then work in your Hub

  3. Rosie2010 profile image77
    Rosie2010posted 6 years ago

    Yes, I had the same problem, but my son explained the problem to me.  YouTube has been tightening their restrictions on YouTube users and is in the process of changing formats, which is all good for YouTube video owners.  Most of us just watch a video right on YouTube and use share to add videos onto our hubs or blogs.. not knowing that whenever we do this, we are not giving the YouTube account owner credit.  Now in order to get the correct "share code" we have to go to the video owner channel.. the owner's channel is on the left top corner of the video in blue.  Click that and find the video you want.  Then click share and get the correct code (the old code), which should look like this (without the quotation marks)...

    "http://youtu.be/Zr-1MpUx3qg" - WRONG

    "http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zr-1MpUx3qg" - CORRECT

  4. ezhang profile image
    ezhangposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We will update our system to support the new YouTube youtu.be links provided by YouTube when we get a chance.

    Rosie2010, for now you can use the "embed" code to include the video into the video module (as the "share" codes no longer work). This should save you the time and work of scrolling to the author's page.