little modification changes rank

  1. prasadjain profile image71
    prasadjainposted 10 years ago

    Today I just changed the layout of one of my hubs-'Indian Saree.......'I just brought the photoes allignment to the right of the article.(trhose who had seen that article earlier, may see it now again.Immedietely, my rank was reduced by one! Was it due to this change, or due to some other fact?I thought the new layout would improve the look of the hub.
          And, I feel there should be a provision in the hub design to remove the photoes  and replace them whenever we feel to do so.Presently I feel that provision is not there.

  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    HubScore fluctuations are very normal, and the 1 point move you saw was almost certainly unrelated to moving an image around (we update the scores every 10 minutes or so).  See this thread for more.