Find Madeleine McCann

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    CASE1WORKERposted 6 years ago

    Maddy has been missing since she was abducted in Portugal whilst on holiday with her parents. Her mum, Kate, has written a book trying to publicise the search and to raise funds.
    I want to help- I want to write a hub detailing her disappearance and publicising her mum's book. To make this effective I need help.
    I am awful at keywords, titles are well haphazard, and optimization well, then it will need to be linked everywhere so it gets  views.
    I know i am asking a lot but is anyone prepared to give practical help- advise on titles, check draft, suggest tags etc.
    I will give all my hub pages ad money to the fund ( there's $17 in it allready) and all the adsense that it earns.
    I really need help from the experts- I want the traffic not for me but for maddie.

    so useless i couldnt put the link in but if you go to the site you will see what i am talking about
    i know it has been rotten for us with the panda- but it is far worse for the McCann family