Can Hub Titles Include Punctuation?

  1. BaliMermaid profile image56
    BaliMermaidposted 7 years ago

    Ever since the "Title Tuner" came to be I find it difficult to add words to Titles that, due to a high volume of search occurrence, should be in the title. Especially when the ghost of my high school English teacher shows up reminding me a comma, colon or semi-colon would be correct.

    So is it allowable to put punctuation in Hub titles?

    Is there a negative, or positive, SEO effect?

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE - Found Info … wer=152216

    Spacing: You should have appropriate spacing between each word and after punctuation. For example, "C-h-e-a-p C-l-o-t-h-e-s" would not be allowed. Similarly, "Free Shipping.Buy Now" would also not be allowed.

    Punctuation & Symbols: Punctuation cannot be used to attract a user's attention. It should not be unnecessary or repeated two or more times in a row. In addition, your ad title cannot contain an exclamation point, and an ad can contain only one exclamation point in total. Furthermore, all symbols, numbers, and letters must adhere to their true meaning; you may not use them in place of words. For example, "We have a huge selection 4 U online!" is violating this policy because "4" and "U" are replacing words.