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Missing Keyword Stats

  1. wordscribe43 profile image94
    wordscribe43posted 6 years ago

    Perhaps I'm missing something here with all the new changes... However, I no longer have a list of keywords under my stats.  I still have the link/tab, but if I click it it says "no search terms found".  Odd, cause I just had them the other day.

    I thought maybe it was some nutty Firefox issue, but I checked in IE and same thing there.

    Anyone else see this?

  2. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 6 years ago

    I just checked a hub with 500 hits a day which usually has a huge list of keywords - and I got the same. I'm using chrome.

    Looks like there's a definite error here!

  3. Howard S. profile image88
    Howard S.posted 6 years ago

    It affected Title Tuner as well, which is logical.

    I'm thinking that it might be counting now from the first of the current month instead of the last 30 days.

  4. Cagsil profile image59
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    I would have to disagree. I just checked, just one of my hubs.

    Search Term Data
    Words That Appear in Searches But Are Not In Your Title new
    action: 67%
    education: 67%
    your: 33%
    school: 33%
    at: 33%
    through: 33%
    including: 33%
        about: 33%
    think: 33%
    search: 33%
    write: 33%
    word: 33%
    you: 33%
    show: 33%

    The above is the result I received by click on it.

    I am using the latest version 4.1.? of Firefox. smile