What is the minimum criteria that defines duplication

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    davidmonkposted 6 years ago

    I am struggling to get my HubPage published despite writing it again without copying any previous text and ensuring I add differences to what I know I have written before. It is longer and has added text I have not used before.

    I do not have full access to Copyscape by which to compare texts but I did do a search and entered the website address for the Holiday Resort I am promoting.  The search picked up two websites; the first was my own original website promoting my apartment which I used as the template to promote the resort. The landing pages are very similar except for a few word changes but the two websites in total have significant changes. Google does not seem to bothered by this and is ranking both sites well for different keywords.

    What does concern me it that the second site Copyscape picked up is not mine and is a totally different looking site and not promoting the same product. Yet Copyscape says that 5% of the content uses the same words. When I looked at the other competing site I saw the words highlighted to a text ad I had been invited to place in order to get my apartment listed in an accommodation directory. The text ad advertises the Mesothelioma Organization
    This is the text to go with the small image:
    The Holiday Apartments are proud to share resources with the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network. Family and loved ones of those undergoing cancer treatment or other procedures will find comfort while lodging with us. Visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance to learn more about mesothelioma.

    Someone creative in Copyscape should add an algorithm to detect and eliminate ads such as this when looking at websites for duplicate information.

    What has raised the question posed in the title is the fact that Copyscape says that 5% of the content uses the same words. Surely, the more specific one writes about a niche product the chances of using the same words (even in different sentences) is high. 

    How can I get the changes accepted. I cannot change the name of the resort or the village or the name of the United Nations. I am beginning to fear the deimise of article writing.

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      recommend1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      But you can change what you write about them I think.  The duplicated text is clearly duplicated I think you say, is there any need to use that portion of the text in your hub ?  You would also appear to be verging on the over-promotional by the use of same text to the same promoted thing?

      I guess you either need to conciously re-phrase the duplicate wording or change it to another tack that leads to the same place or just leave it out.

      Good luck with it.