HubPages Hubber Profile Improvement Idea

  1. HSanAlim profile image66
    HSanAlimposted 6 years ago

    When a search engine comes across any of our profile pages there is a problem right off from the beginning.

    Yes HubPages is the Domain but each of us, while grateful - okay some of us are more grateful than others - would still like to improve how our individual universe of hubs is regarded by Google and other search engines.

    It would help, hopefully significantly, if we could have meta tags for our profiles for Title and Description. At this time what a search engine sees is this.

    Title: No document title available

    Description: No meta description available

    Is there any reason why these meta items could not be available, optionally, for hubbers to use as help in promoting their hubs?

    Idea #2
    Could we have the option of adding Text to the "'title" that hubpages automatically makes for our profile?

    Right now it comes across to the world as (hubpage author Name) on HubPages

    I would like to be able to add 20 or 30 characters

    What are peoples thoughts on this?