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    allycat33posted 6 years ago

    One day a little girl came up to her mother and asked, "mom when will I get to have a dad like the rest of the boys and girls who live in the neighborhood?"
    The mother looked at her child and said, "someday soon."
    A few months went by and the mother brought home a man named Gary. He was a tall man who loved being with the little girl and her siblings.
    One day her mother was talking to Gary on the phone and the little girl said, "daddy when are you going to marry my mommy so we can be a family?"
    Her mother dropped the bottle she was preparing for her sister. She was not expecting anything like that to come out of her daughter's mouth.
    Gary and her mother married in March of 1975. Months went by and soon the got another sister and a couple of years later they got a brother.
    Those were happy times in which this family was a family. They traveled to different places.
    In the spirit of things what was family like growing up?