The extremely long list of features that are needed.

  1. Entrepreneur2.0 profile image61
    Entrepreneur2.0posted 6 years ago

    1. add stumbleupon, reggit, flickr etc social bookmarking at the bottom of each page. interlinking section when suggesting links to your own hubs.
    3. a comment limit amount on how many can be created.
    4. built in seo into hubscore
    5. mass tag adder
    7.allow scripts for the likes of comments on games extra.
    8.allow videobb at least i get paid for it overhaul with likes buttons on comments
    10. Built in link builder with an editor for blogger, wordpress and other media sites.
    11. built in trends from google etc.
    12. have vlogs without affecting hubscore.
    13. grammar checker US and UK
    14. add microblogging instead of comments.
    15. active reader, a text to voice of your hub.
    16. add rank algorithm according to level of english.

  2. RedSturtz profile image71
    RedSturtzposted 6 years ago

    1. Most of these are available when you clicks "share" at the bottom of a hub.
    2. You can use the suggest a link tool; or when you create a hyperlink naturally there's a list that shows of ALL your hubs to choose from.
    3. Why would you limit comments? You can just delete those you don't want. You could miss out on a good comment that brings you more traffic.
    4. Uh why? Hub and author score have nothing to with earning. They're mostly there to stop spammers by changing low scoring authors to nofollow. Google doesn't even see the scores, it's internal only.
    5. Since a short article should only have 5-10 articles, is there a point? You already get tag suggestions. Ultimately your tags should be your keywords so it needn't be a "mass" thing.
    6. There is a slideshow. You need more than six (five?) photos. You can turn it on and off too.
    7. Huh?
    8. Shall we add every affiliate you personally get paid for then? No one will want to visit the site if we max out on affiliates.
    9. The site is already turning into facebook. Are you trying to make people lazier instead of forcing them to state an opinion INSTEAD of click a button?
    10. You really think Hubpages is willingly going to help the spammers by making spammy external links easier?
    11. Why don't you just watch Google trends yourself? You can see keywords sending traffic to your hubs and graphs with sources anyway.
    12. This is a writing site. Not youtube.
    13. Most people have this in their browser.
    14. Spammy and not suitable.
    15. Most people who need these types of programs have them for their whole computer.
    16. And how exactly are the site owners meant to MEASURE the level of English? The score is automatic, it can't magically tell how good someone is at English. And it's a moot point, as mentioned above, because scores are an internal thing, nothing to do with getting you more traffic.

    You've been here four days. You're not the first newbie to think they know all the answers. You won't be the last. But if you don't like it you don't have to hang around - you might be better on your own site or on a video site.

  3. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 6 years ago

    Great answer, RedSturtz, I agree 100%.

    I think for no. 5 you meant to say "a short article should only have 5-10 TAGS".  I agree, HubPages actually penalizes you if you add too many tags - so a mass tag adder would be pretty dumb!