Anybody want my hubpages widget hack?

  1. hot dorkage profile image70
    hot dorkageposted 9 years ago

    I made a widget to feature my fans  and/ or people I'm a fan of on my external blog. 
    Can't promote the blog here but as a clue I pwn the domain and if you do a search for hubpages you will find the post -- it's tagged, about the third or fourth one down. 

    It's kinda klunky and buggy, I threw it together for myself in like, an hour.  It would be easier if hubpages provided a RSS feed for fannage but they don't.  To write an auto scraper for that would be a chore but it could be done.  It would be the type of thing best done by HP. 

    Anybody interested in it being more general and so that YOU could have one too?    If so I'll develop it.  If not oh well.

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    hot dorkageposted 9 years ago

    Well thanks to pauldeeds I have this hack a little bit jazzed up.   Seeing the blazing amount of interest my post generated the hack is not done in a terribly efficient way.  If it's just me, hubpages isn't going to mind, but if a bunch of people start using it,  hubpages will feel  a drain on their server resources and then I will optimize it.     

    What it does:  Y'know how you can feature a particular hubber's widget on your website or blog? well there are so many I want to feature and it would be nice if a random one of my fans' widget would just pop up on my blog it would keep my content fresh.     I had this hack working for just MY fans, but now I made it so it will work for ANYONE.

    For my fans it would be the following code:

    <div><iframe src='' width="170" height="330" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe></div>

    If you want YOUR fans substitute name=<your hp name>
    If you use a tracker, substitute  tracker=<your tracker> otherwise just leave it alone. 

    I'll have server logs of who uses it so we'll just see.