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Regarding photo

  1. shampa sadhya profile image84
    shampa sadhyaposted 6 years ago

    Few days ago I wanted help regarding photo upload and how to make its size big. With the help of the help forum I am able to manage it now. Thanks to all who helped me but still a little difficulty is remaining. Your kind help is required.

    In two of my hubs I have two photos each. Now, I want to change the place of one of the photos and shift it a relevant side of the hub but I failed as usual. I tried my bit but forced to bother you all as I am not that computer friendly. If possible help me through step by step.

    Expecting your help. Thanks in advance.

    1. sofs profile image84
      sofsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Go to the edit mode...on the right side of your hub you have the reorder button s drag the photo capsule to the desired position and click done edit the alignment will be saved this is the easiest way to do it.
      You can also use the up down buttons of the capsules to reorder it.
      Hope that helps.

      1. Krysanthe profile image94
        Krysantheposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Oh wow, I didn't know there was a reorder button.  I've always just used the up/down buttons.  You are always such a plethora of knowlege sofs.  smile

        1. sofs profile image84
          sofsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          LOL .. I  have no pretensions to such things.. lady.. I have just hung around here for sometime.. you will get there too, soon enough smile  lol

  2. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    As mentioned you can either drag and drop using the right column, or just push the up and down arrows on the picture module.  The one thing you cannot do n this way is to put a picture to the left of a text capsule.

  3. shampa sadhya profile image84
    shampa sadhyaposted 6 years ago

    Thanks to all of you who tried to help me out.
    Still, I failed. I couldn't reorder the photo at the desired place. It is really getting difficult to rearrange it while dragging. I spent lot of time in doing so but in vain. If possible kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

    1. wheelinallover profile image80
      wheelinalloverposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      In hub pages there is no way to put a picture on the left side of an article. This is done for a reason. It has to do with the way over fifty percent of the world read web pages.

      Pictures on the left detract from the information people are trying to take in from a web address. Search engines also rank pages higher if the pictures are on the right side. Their robots are set to look at each web page a certain way and they expect to find pictures on the right.

      The best way to "fix" your problem is make the picture take up the whole area above or below the information that relates. This you can do and it won't be hurt when your hub is searched by the robots.

  4. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    You need to specific how you are trying to do it as the advice you have been given is correct. There must be something specific to what you are doing or you browser/computer that is the problem.  For example, is the picture going to the new position and are you remembering to save the hub with the picture in the new position.