Further Submissions barred?

  1. tonyleather profile image59
    tonyleatherposted 6 years ago

    I joined hubpages four months ago, and tried to post an article that I had written after researching it on line, but was told it was too similar to another. After a couple of re-writes, it still failed the test and I gave up to hubpages. Today, four months on, I came back to try posting poetry and fiction. Six poems posted fine, but when I tried submitting a couple of my stories - again deleted from my triond pages - I was told that violations associated either with my e-mail address or IP address meant that I was NOT allowed to post new content, but no indication of what these violations are or what I have done wrong this time? How on earth do you get straight answers to questions on this site, which I would love to write for a lot more, if they would only stop messing me about. Anybody got any ideas?