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  1. nickshamrock profile image74
    nickshamrockposted 6 years ago

    Every once in awhile I'll get some ideas and want to write about them, but I'm busy so I forget to. When I finally get time, I often question what I was thinking about earlier and can't remember. It would be nice to have a little notepad feature where we can jot down whatever we'd like to remind ourselves.

    Maybe something like
    "Hub Topic Here"

    So that way I know which hub I wanted to write about, THEN I can summarize a quick idea of what I wanted to put into that hub.

  2. 2uesday profile image82
    2uesdayposted 6 years ago

    A way around this would be to set up a hub that you never intend to publish and use it to store your ideas. You can call it something relevant like 'IDEAS for hubs' and then use the different text capsules for the different topic ideas. So long as you never publish it no one will see it.

    Or you could have a folder in Word just for hub ideas.

  3. Danette Watt profile image86
    Danette Wattposted 6 years ago

    I have a folder on my desktop marked Hub ideas and every time I get an idea, I start a word doc, jut the idea, maybe a working title, any notes or thoughts that come to mind and if I do any research, I copy the link so I can find it again later.

    Works for me.

  4. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 6 years ago

    How about a notebook?

    In most cases, when I have ideas, I'm not on the computer. It would defeat the purpose you propose to have the feature if the majority of ideas are thought about when not on the computer

  5. Danette Watt profile image86
    Danette Wattposted 6 years ago

    I get plenty of ideas at my computer or off. That's what I do when I'm on my computer (I'm a writer, so I'm on it a lot).

    I also have a notebook and pads of paper in my car, around my house, in my purse, etc. So anytime I get an idea, I jot it down.