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    JacksBlogsposted 6 years ago

    I enjoyed my first experience with HUBPAGES and, so, I wrote several HUBs a week.  That's the problem.  Some HUBs are angry old guy rants and others are light weight fun stuff.  I want to split them up and there appears to be no good way.  I can open a second account, but if I do I still can't move the best material of either type.

    I'm stymied.  Can I do this? 

    Step one: Completely close out my current account and effectively eliminate everything that I have now.  If I do that is it truly gone from the HUBPAGES and from the internet?

    Step two: Make two completely new accounts and place the best of my current HUBs on one or the other?

    In other words, if I completely close my HUB account, can I open new ones and re-use the best HUBs that way?

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    wildernessposted 6 years ago

    You will have to open at least one new account, unpublish hubs to be moved there and wait for google to de-index them.  Maybe a week or so.

    At that point you can copy them into the new account.  If they are still available through a search for the URL HP will figure they are duplicates and unpublish them, which is why you wait a while before re-publishing them in a new account.

    It's all a major PIA, but it can be done.

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      JacksBlogsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Wilderness,        So,let me  repeat so I know I understand:
      First, I un-publish everything I have now and email HP asking them to remove my old acct per their own instructions to close an acct.   
      Next, I start completely new HP accts, new name, new email address, etc - and put completely new HUBs too, but none of the old stuff yet?   
      Several weeks later (just to be safe) I can add back good stuff I don't want to completely lose.

      Is that it? 

      Unless I misunderstand, I will assume I won't hear more about this, but I do want to do this in a way that is legal and honest about it per HP protocol.  I just want a fresh start without completely losing that part that was good. 
      Is there a chance someone who actually works for HPs can concur?   

      Thanks - -                   JACK