Last chance to vote in the contest - ends tomorrow at noon PST

  1. akirchner profile image95
    akirchnerposted 6 years ago

    I'm losing at the moment - so if anyone would like to come vote for me in the Facebook contest, would really appreciate it.  If not, thanks for your wonderful support over the last 2 years. … amp;v=View

    How to Vote:
    1. Sign in to your Facebook account
    2. Go to (or follow link above and sign in)
    3. Click on the Fan Faves tab (small tab not big finger) on left panel.
    4. Make sure you "Like" HubPages on Facebook at top of page if you haven't already
    5. Click on the  "view entries" button or "vote" tab
    6. Click ON the pelican article if you want to vote for me – you have to click on the bird to be INSIDE the article – then click the VOTE button inside my article.  You will see a READ THE WHOLE HUB message if you want to see all my pictures. 
    Watch to make sure the vote went up~!  If you've voted correctly and try to do it again, it will say "You've already voted".  You may be asked to add an application before you vote – you will have to allow it or the vote will not be counted but you can go to your Facebook wall after voting and remove it.

    It is not possible to vote from a mobile device.