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    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago

    What is some other Hubbers feedback in reference to the HubKarma score on hubpages. Do you think that it has just as much influence on a hubber's individual hubber score, than traffic to his or her individual articles. Or do you think they are both equally important, when it comes to increasing or decreasing individual scores. Just wondering because at one point my HubKarma score was 98 and now it significantly dropped to 84 when I took a look today. Thanks for any and all of your feedback.


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    QuestionMasterposted 6 years ago

    SCORES mean little to nothing on Hubpages. That includes author score, hub score and hubkarma score.

    The hub and author scores are there to control spammers - they need to get above 75 author or 40 hub score to have their links dofollowed. 

    Hubkarma is merely a numbered pat on the back for linking to other hubbers hubs and making the internal linking structure stronger - you're helping the site, not yourself - since every time you link to another site or person, you're giving traffic a reason NOT to click on an advert.

    There are people who have hub scores of 100 and get barely a cent from their hubs. Other people have hub scores of 65 and get only 10 visitors per day but make lots of money from those hubs because they are on topics that convert well into clicks and sales.

    Many newbies make the mistake of thinking the numbers are important - they're not. I have created brand new accounts that never linked posted on the forums or did anything other than created maybe ten hubs - and they got to a score of 80 within a month. And accounts where I linked only between my OWN hubs can easily get a reasonable karma score - the system can't tell between links to your own work and someone else's.

    The most important numbers at HP are EARNINGS and TRAFFIC. No matter how high your scores are, if those numbers aren't high, the scores are worthless.

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      Jlbowdenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hello QM:

         Thanks for clarifying the score thing for me. Even after 7mo.s on the site, I still had some reason to believe;the higher the individual Hubkarmer and individual hubber score the better off you were,in terms of earnings and so forth. Now I see it isn't so at all. Again I appreciate your help with this forum topic that I had previously posted. Take care.