which writing site ranks better on google

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    kcr11posted 8 years ago

    OK, I may not be good at expressing my idea clearly but I just want to know which writing sites are better.

    I know there are many writing sites like say hubpages, squidoo, helium, associatedcontent, triond and some more(i don't know many. if you do please mention them in the reply).

    Say if there are equally competent articles(different) about a topic with same tags in each of these sites. If one searches for a key word, which site's article comes first  in order.

    [And also if such articles are there in each site about same topic and same tags, which site's article earns more?(never mind, at this point I am thinking about money)]

    I hope I have managed to ask what I wanted.

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      Lissieposted 8 years ago in reply to this

      It depends if you are looking to sell your article and get paid for it: which is what associated content and helium do (at least in part) or if you are looking to earn income from the article itself or if you are using the article to promote another site:
      I haven't used helium but there are issues see Marisa's hub here http://hubpages.com/hub/Heliumcom---Wri … n-or-Money

      If you want to write for money: ie to be paid up front as a freelancer as far as I have found that constant content is legit and pays better than most http://hubpages.com/hub/Recycle-Your-Ar … for-Profit

      If you are looking at earning money either from your hubs directly or using them for backlinks then the key is to get them high in the search engines: its hard to know but basically hubpages and squidoo seem to do quite well- though it varies depending on topic.  about.com and ehow also rank high in the SERPS but I don't know anything about how to write for them