Lessons Learned

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  1. KeithTax profile image72
    KeithTaxposted 7 years ago

    I took a lot of time this year away from Hubpages. The Google Panda update made me rethink my online strategy both here and in my accounting practice. The first leg is now complete as I rolled out my new and improved website. I have a link on my profile page.

    The next step is to move my blog away from blogger and integrate it into my website.

    With 70 articles now on my website, I can start focusing on Hubpages more. My list of hubs-to-do is now up to 38. Now I need to finish researching and start writing.

    Too many hubbers left after their traffic declined. Lessons are never learned from quitting IMO. I've learned a lot this year. I think the type of hub that works has changed some. Tax hubs are everywhere. Rising to the top is difficult at best. There are other hubs that do very well here. To see what works, check out the top 10 traffic hubs each day. Don't copy what has already been done, rather, learn what sells best on Hubpages and build ideas from that. Notice that many top traffic hubs have been here a while. Longevity is still a powerful part of Google's algorithm.

    HubPages is growing better each day. Every business has some of "those days." HubPages is no different. The HP ad program is a powerful profit generator and high traffic hubs make all the difference. Ebay is soon available for nearly everyone on HubPages. What a deal!

    Enough of me. Share some of your lessons learned.

    1. Hollie Thomas profile image61
      Hollie Thomasposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Kieth,

      I've learned so much while I've been here, I couldn't possibly pin it down to one or two lessons. I actually found your Tax hubs really readable and understandable. I'm self employed and wish I could find such easy to read information regarding the UK tax system. So, tax information may be everywhere but it's how you present it that counts smile

  2. WriteAngled profile image79
    WriteAngledposted 7 years ago

    One of my main lessons learned is that in the current climate, content is likely to do better when taken off HP. The problem, for someone with a butterfly mind like mine, is that unless you have groups of articles, which fit onto a dedicated web site, there is nowhere else to put the pieces about random topics you have produced here.

  3. KeithTax profile image72
    KeithTaxposted 7 years ago

    Hollie, you should write UK tax hubs. I hope people didn't think tax hubs don't work. They are seasonal and it takes work to place in the search engines. Certain tax topics are too mnuch work for the effort, but other are money-makers.

    WriteAngled, I agree with your opinion on groups of hubs. HubPages works with a variety of topics, but I wonder how Google views a scattershot of subjects in one subdomain? I'll keep experimenting and learning.

    1. Rehana Stormme profile image79
      Rehana Stormmeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      That's exactly what I've been asking myself recently. I started out writing about 8 hubs solely focused on "Health" but now I've been publishing some poetry and I'm planning to publish on other random topics as well - but how is Google going to view that? I guess only time can tell.......?


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