Low, Medium, High Ad settings

  1. Sparrowlet profile image81
    Sparrowletposted 6 years ago

    What is the difference between the levels of ad settings? I have a warning on a hub that says this hub appears to be commercial. It has already been moderated, and allowed to stand as it is! The article is on a sensitive sexual issue, so I sent the monitors a link to another article on the same issue that does not contain Adsense ads, but it does nave Amazon ads. That one has been up for ages, so I told the moderators I am assuming that it's ok to have the Amazon ads and not the Adsense ads. I was wondering if  maybe a "low" ad setting would indicate only Hubpages Ads and not Adsense? Should I try changing the ads settings from none to low? Or should I contact moderators about this article again?