California Amazon Affiliate sales flowing again

  1. Greekgeek profile image95
    Greekgeekposted 6 years ago

    I'll be happier when Amazon tells us what the "special term fee structure" is that they've applied to our accounts, but I have happy news to report.

    I never thought I'd be so relieved to see 3 wimpy little affiliate sales show up on my Amazon Associates stream. On October 3, I reinstated my links on my formerly top-grossing pages, and I see 3 sales on October 4.

    Time to change all the rest back.

    Mind you, this isn't on Hubpages, where I've been kicking back and writing "fun" articles on interesting stuff instead of writing product reviews. I'm a little jittery about getting flagged as overly promotional until I figure out the range of permitted topics.

    But anyway, it means that if you're a California Amazon Asssociate, get your links back up, quick. The money's flowing again.

    UPDATE: Just got an email back from Associates on that puzzling "Special Fee Structure" program into which we've been enrolled:

    1. netlexis profile image70
      netlexisposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I haven't received anything about reinstatement, but did send an email to Amazon a couple days ago. How did you get reinstated?

      And congrats... that's good news, especially before the Xmas season.

      UPDATE: Figured it out when I went to the AA page and reapplied.