301 Redirects to New Subdomains

  1. Benjimester profile image94
    Benjimesterposted 6 years ago

    I finally got hit with a plunge and I'm trying my best to clean up my subdomain to quickly get out of it.  One thing that would really help would be if there was a feature to let me 301 redirect some of my hubs to a new subdomain.  Before the subdomain switch it didn't matter that I wrote articles on various subjects, but now, when I'm limited to just my own space, that space looks a bit cluttered.

    I mostly have articles on natural health topics, but have at least a few dozen on automotive and home improvement topics also.  Those are completely unrelated fields and probably aren't giving my subdomain a helping hand in the eyes of Google.  I'm not going to delete those articles either because they represent a couple hundreds views per day, even after the plunge.  It would be nice if there was a feature that would let me just 301 redirect them to a new subdomain that focused primarily on those subjects.  Then I could clean up my original subdomain and still keep the good quality articles.