Weird listing of my hub on google

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    teriyakiposted 6 years ago

    Oki, sorry I'm a newb but I really need to ask this (maybe someone else finds the answers useful as well).

    So, I finally got my hub listed on google after a couple of days waiting (and at the very first page! It pays to be niche! well sort off anyway). Yeey!

    However the link as provided as googlester looks something like this:

    "teriyaki on HubPages"
    "title of hub" "title of hub" "title of hub" (yup that's the title of my hub repeated three times. When you end your title with an exclamation mark you can imagine how irritating and spammy it might look)

    So, how can I get google to list my link properly? Like something like this:
    "Title of the hub"
    "Hub summary."

    I mean i did write the summary a day after first publishing the hub (yes, I am a newb) but it still doesn't explain the weirdness that is "teryaki on HubPages" as the title of the link. Help! And/Or reassurance. Much appreciated.

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      teriyakiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      and i just realized the link leads to my profile rather than article itself... 8/ weirdness?