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Ebay Campaign ID Question

  1. surefire profile image74
    surefireposted 9 years ago

    I have 2 questions regarding eBay ads on my hub:

    1. eBay Campaign Id

    I have submitted my correct eBay Campaign id in my affiliate profile. But as I wanted to check whether everything was going ok, I checked and found from the page source of my hub that a different eBay campaign id is being shown. I also checked this by property of the eBay link and the eBay campaign id was different from the one I submitted.

    How is that? I have been a eBay affiliate for a long time - so this is not a new account.

    However I am a new to Hubs and I published my first Hub just yesterday. Could that be a reason?

    2 eBay ads not showing on my Hub

    I find that the eBay ads are not showing on my Hub Law Of Attraction Book The Church Banned but when I edit the eBay capsule the eBay listings are there. Is this some problem with Hubpages or what?

    Would be looking forward to help on the above

    Thanks in advance


  2. jyuva profile image61
    jyuvaposted 9 years ago

    For first question i think HP shares 60% and 40%. So 60% of the time shows your id and 40% is their id big_smile
    For second i don't really what happened it happened to me same thing D

  3. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    1. Did you sign up with the new EPN? Ebay has recently changed from CJ to EPN, which requires you to sign up with them and you'll have a different campaign ID.

    That or you were seeing the HP ebay ID because their IDs are shown 40% of the time.

    2. You have to put in the ebay capsule and a keyword for the capsule to pull items from. They don't just appear like the google ads.

    Edit: sorry it looks like you are using the capsules but nothing is pulling up. Try a different keyword or go to ebay and search what you are looking for and find a common keyword that is used frequently in the item descriptions.

  4. surefire profile image74
    surefireposted 9 years ago

    jyuva and Whitney05, Thanks for the prompt replies.

    Yes you may be right about my first question - different eBay ids may be because of the 60% - 40% rule. I will check again and see if that is the reason.

    As for the other question now I see that the eBay listings are being displayed on my hub. Maybe something to do with my browser.

    Again thanks for the help.