Feature Request: Hub Checklist

  1. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    This is something I've been thinking about for a while and actually implement using Basecamp. Basically what I do when I write an article or hub, I go by a checklist for EACH article, hub, blog post. Anyway, for HubPages my checklist says:

    Make sure photos contain proper attribution
    Make sure there is a 'contest' tag (for contest entries)
    Run spell check
    Make sure hub is 500 words in length... I just do this for performance.
    Make sure hub contains comment capsule (I add this in there because I often delete the comment capsule while I'm writing a new hub and adding pictures since it's one more capsule that gets in the way when I'm moving things around... then I just re-add it before publishing.)

    And I've got other things on my checklist. It would be cool for us to either create our own custom checklists which we can check off (or can be checked off for us as we complete something.)

    If we were to get something cool like this, it would be cool to see which hubs don't currently meet our own personal standards. For example, I know I've probably got two or three hubs that are under 500 words in length. It would be nice for me to be able to see which hubs don't meet my parameters.

    I know some things wouldn't be checkable by HubPages such as proper attribution, so maybe ALL my hubs could be unchecked and over time as I tweak hubs, I can go through and make sure my attribution is up to par.

    Also, since I know that proper attribution is somewhat of an issue for HubPages (and I've been seeing this stressed a LOT lately) maybe if a mod comes across a hub with no attribution, they can uncheck that on that particular hubbers checklist.

    The checklist wouldn't be REQUIRED to fill out when publishing a hub, but it would be cool for me personally to make sure I meet all my own qualifications. It would also possibly help with like awareness of things like attribution and other things.

    Just a thought and probably just pipedreams. For now I'll just continue using BaseCamp's to-do list thing (there's a free version for those who need help organizing their work.) It would just be easier to do it within HP and not with BaseCamp. (I know that's not what basecamp is intended for, but I already use it for other things.)

    1. rajan jolly profile image89
      rajan jollyposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you if such a checklist is incorporated it would be a big help. One could go on ticking things in the list as they are completed or it could be done for the hubber as the listed items are completed one by one. It would be cool to have this option if I could put it this way.
      Is hubpages listening?