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Is it possible to display google ads a/c to ur desire?

  1. greathub profile image75
    greathubposted 9 years ago


    In some of my hubs totally irrelevant ads are displayed by google adsense.

    Is there any way I can control the ads displayed by google adsense, much like amazon and ebay ads?

  2. gamergirl profile image62
    gamergirlposted 9 years ago


    Google ads are irrelevant only for as long as it takes for the ads to filter on your Hub.  This is also subject to available adwords campaigns, though that's generally not a problem.

    1. WordPlay profile image63
      WordPlayposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, gamergirl. I've been going nuts trying to get targeted ads into one of my hubs. The main keyword is sprinkled throughout multiple times in an appropriate way (not spammy), but no matter how much text I added or changed, I kept getting off-topic ads. I assumed this was because there was no one running adwords for this keyword. What you wrote confirms this. That's probably because it's a big-money keyword for a product that people in a down economy don't really want. So I think my strategy for this hub will be to not worry about it and see what happens in the future.

      But I have a question: Should the AdSense be turned off on this hub until the ads are better targeted? I'm a little unclear about the smart pricing issue. I wonder if leaving untargeted ads on a page where they have little chance of being clicked is a good idea.

      Thanks! smile

  3. rancidTaste profile image62
    rancidTasteposted 9 years ago

    In any web site and blogger it is possible. So, I think it is possible. You can find information regarding this issue in the google's following link:

    https://www.google.com/adsense/support/ … opic=11446

  4. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 9 years ago

    This has been brought up over and over, I described what I believe to be happening in this thread.  What it boils down to is this -- if you are seeing poorly targeted ads on hubs that get relatively little traffic (say less than 5 views a day), it is not terribly surprising and it probably is not a keyword issue or an inventory issue -- it's a technical limitation.  If you are seeing poorly targeted ads on relatively high traffic hubs, then there may be some other issue, and it's probably worth investigating.

    1. WordPlay profile image63
      WordPlayposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi, Paul. Thanks a million for enlightening me about a whole other aspect of AdSense I wasn't aware of.

      The ads have on that hub have stayed in the same vein from the time I launched it over the weekend until now. But right after launch there was a lot of HubPages traffic, which I assume came from mostly logged-in Hubbers. There hasn't been much traffic from other sources. If logged-in Hubbers don't count as traffic in Google's eyes, then traffic is probably the issue with these ads.

      I didn't want to launch the usual full-scale promotion I do with each hub until I saw targeted ads. Now I realize I probably won't see the targeted ads until I do the promotion. It looks like I had the chicken and the egg mixed up. wink

      1. WHoArtNow profile image87
        WHoArtNowposted 9 years agoin reply to this


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        1. WordPlay profile image63
          WordPlayposted 9 years agoin reply to this


          I don't smoke, but the chicken and egg obviously do. They also look like they're having more fun than me. wink

  5. webismine profile image61
    webismineposted 9 years ago

    Paul -

    Well explained smile

    WhoArtNow -

    It's nice big_smile

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    WHoArtNowposted 9 years ago

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