Looking for writers to guest post on my website (links allowed)

  1. Michelle Hertz profile image63
    Michelle Hertzposted 6 years ago

    I'm looking for people who are good at writing health and wellness type topics. In exchange for your post (about 600 words) I will include your bio and link to your website (if you have one) and/or your hub page.  You can rewrite whatever you write for me and use it as a hub too. 

    I figure this way its a win win situation for each of us.

    My website is juicingjuice.com if you want to see what type of content I'm looking for.  Some ideas are;

    juicing for health
    using a vitamix/ praise of the vitamix
    review of juicers
    review of vitamix, compared with other blenders
    recipes for smoothies and/or juicing
    living a healthy lifestyle
    raw foods
    incorporating raw foods into normal diet
    wheatgrass benefits
    weight loss using nutrition
    and anything else related to those types of topics.

    I'm hoping this can be a good way for each of us to gain exposure and help each other.

    I just came up with this in the shower, I'm sure its been done before and I'm hoping this doesn't sound outrageous...wink

    Either contact me here or through my profile.