Need crit of my first hub and advice on how to break beginner's block

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    Seanachaiposted 6 years ago


    My first anniversary of being a member occurred a few days ago, but I only have one hub. I figured I should stop waiting for the "ideal time and topic" and just start writing. However, with this first hub, there is a lot of room for improvement. Thus, I was hoping I could receive a crit or critique. I was also hoping to receive advice on what I could write about. I think I have a classic case of writer's block. In other words, what are common easy topics that beginning Hubbers have the most success with?

    Thanks for your help!  : )

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      couturepopcafeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You might consider making this two hubs.  The testimony and the 'How to' on Christian meditation, which might need to be lengthened a bit.

      Also, telling a story is usually a bit tedious for the reader.  Try injecting some dialogue into the first part, maybe between you and your father, or whatever.  By doing so, you are showing what happened and the reader is drawn into the story.

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    Danette Wattposted 6 years ago

    Hi Seanachai and welcome to Hub Pages!

    I enjoyed reading your hub. It had a personal story to tell and it was interesting to me since I practice (Eastern) meditation occasionally (trying to be more regular about it). Since it's based on your own experience, it's authentic and sincere. The length is good; HP seems to like longer hubs rather than shorter ones and if they are too short,(i.e., 200-ish words) I think it could flagged as poor quality.

    I do have some suggestions though.

    This is just my opinion but to me, your opening paragraphs are off-putting. I just don't think it's to your advantage to have that info there instead of here, where you can still solicit help. Smacks of amateurism.

    Some bolded subheads would break up the long block of text as would a photo or two. There are a number of sites out there where you can get something to fit your hub that will be free as long as you credit the photographer/source. Or consider adding a link to an appropriate video.

    HP is an interactive community so you might want to consider adding a poll, now or in future hubs. Or ask a specific question at the end of your hub and ask readers to answer (like: what is your experience in your spiritual journey).

    I suggest you read (or reread) information in the Learning Center. That will help since there's been such a time lag between joining and writing your first hub.

    Regarding ideas...can you expand on this one, take it in another direction? Like maybe a specific experience? But be careful because HP doesn't like hubs that are purely personal. These are supposed to be informative "articles" but using a personal story to illustrate your topic adds to it. Or tips on how to meditate. Or a comparison of meditation practices in different cultures, etc.

    Other ideas can come from your hobbies, your work, your family. Again, don't make them purely personal. I've written a few hubs for new hubbers and you can check those out too. I think once you start getting ideas, they'll start to flow.

    Sorry this has been long.
    Good luck!