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    Dee42posted 6 years ago

    Hello, Im dee, and I need to know something. I have been racking my brain for some time now, over photos. Where can I get GOOD images that can be popular, not of grandma's flower-bed (sorry grandma), but photos I can reuse that the FBI wont shine their bright light from a helicopter and speak in a bull-horn and say "PLEASE COME OUT DEE42 FROM HUBPAGES WITH YOUR HANDS UP,BY THE WAY HUBPAGES HAVE DELETED YOU FOREVER FOR USING THOSE PHOTOS!!!!", Cause I used someone's photo! And yes, I have been on Flickr commons, and I dont understand their "JARGON" or their instructions,and or their little = signs etc...better yet in child-like manner. And I have been on Creative Commons. Oh and did I mention that I ADORE all my followers and that I LOVED being on HubPages..Peace...Out  smile        signed  over-worked brain in Arkansas

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      sofsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You have a lot of answers on this thread... if you are looking for more answers a search and you will find a number of other threads with the same questions..