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    JBBlackposted 6 years ago

    Take your most recent hub and translate it through 5-10 languages and then back to English.  Post it here:

    Work is fried ice cream.

    The JBBlack.

    Red onions.

    My wife is my favorite ice cream, fried foods grown in the red death, red onion, Onion.The Rolling Hills, California, Sonora, and kitchen facilities of the existing channel of origin. cultural heritage

    When we go to eat Mexican food, and all was twenty, my wife ordered fried ice cream as possible. Obviously, this is super-frozen ice cream wrapped in bread. This is satisfactory when compared with red onions, fried ice cream does not have fond memories.
    Package dumpling.

    Over time we will take advantage of one ton of different recipes to win the package. The most common method is to roast, chicken, salad bar, Chinese food and Indian food, I used that we do not do it. If you're like me, you do not need to have everything you need to eat fried wonton package. Then I went to therapy, but I think this, but in fact baklava baklava and honey, cinnamon, sugar, sweet nothing is not enough, however.

    Put it all together.

    I do not know how it happened. Maybe I was suddenly at some point and time that a version of fried ice cream. Another possibility is that the solder joint and my wife.

    The only thing fried wonton package.

    So there are a ton of packaging, what is the difference between when the ice cream cone or not? Bread crumbs, fried wonton shell package is better than ice cream, popcorn made. Consistency in the light, dry, fried wonton package is a good thing.

    The decreasing values ​​of the elements.

    Cream (I bought two because I do not want to eat a lot of vanilla ice cream as well and I actually have left.).

    Package dumpling.



    Chocolate syrup.

    With a little olive oil to fry.

    The process is very simple with this board · fried dumplings. Ice and, in any way you can feel good or enjoy eating ice cream in the management of packaging materials. For my wife, I pour a tablespoon of butter, then cover and place the rack. I send the cinnamon and sugar, and finally, chocolate sauce, add water for my son presprinkled wrapping paper, cinnamon and sugar and put it next to the chocolate and add cream sauce.

    Some centers provide a variety of other ways to make fried ice cream.

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    WriteAngledposted 6 years ago

    Glad you have discovered the uselessness of this tool.

    Yes, it can save a bit of typing and thinking time if used by a translator translating into his/her mother tongue, who also has a detailed knowledge of source language and target language terminology.

    In other cases it is worse than useless. I use it sometimes to save on typing, particularly when lots of local company names and/or univeral terminology is in play.

    On other occasions, I have found Google Translate offers the exact opposite to what is said. This is to a large extent due to the conventions used in the target language, nevertheless it it still inexcusable.

    As a professional medical translator, I delight in the garbage spewed out by Google Translate. It means I do not get clients seriously asking if all I need to do is a quick edit of the turds of an unidentifiable species that Google Translate offers.