1. mireland19 profile image92
    mireland19posted 9 years ago

    I apologize for the last post on links. I did read through the FAQ but must have missed it the first time …. I am sorry for that. However I found out how to make a link in the text but my question about picture comments still remains. In the bottom where you can comment on a picture is there anyways to add a clickable link in that field? Thank you all.

  2. Marian Swift profile image64
    Marian Swiftposted 9 years ago

    I sometimes use a text capsule for a "caption" instead of the space provided in the photo capsule.  Links can be added to any text capsule.

    It works best if the photo and the text are both right-aligned, with the photo on top.

    To make the text look more like a caption, I sometimes format all the text as "superscript," which makes it smaller.

    Hope this is coherent, and hope it helps!