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I posted a question earlier re: slower traffic this past weekend

  1. YvetteParker profile image72
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    I now realize that the slower traffic that I experienced was due to too many ads on my hubs. I had gone through all of my hubs and added multiple ad capsules. Evidently it was TOO MUCH of a good thing!! My score bottomed out and there were little to no views of my hubs. Lesson well learned. Just wanted to share so that you do not make the same mistake. DO NOT PLACE TOO MANY AD CAPSULES ON YOUR HUBS!!!!

    1. labnol profile image60
      labnolposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      if you have great stuff, traffic will come irrespective of ads you have added..

      i don't believe that ads reduced your traffic !! It can increase your Bounce rate but certainly will not affect traffic count !!

  2. rmcrayne profile image97
    rmcrayneposted 6 years ago

    What do you mean you added multiple ad capsules?  Are you talking about Amazon or eBay?

  3. Will Apse profile image91
    Will Apseposted 6 years ago

    It is easy to get spooked by the ups and downs of traffic when you first start here.

    I would recommend a stiff upper chin.

    I am ordering one of those for myself, since I have been losing hoards of wannagivmemoney types lately.

  4. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
    TIMETRAVELER2posted 6 years ago

    I believe the rule of thumb is one ad per 50 words of writing, but even then, you don't want so many ads th at they distract from what  you're trying to say.

  5. YvetteParker profile image72
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    mcrayne, yes I'm referring to those as well as capsules linking some of my external affliations to my hub pages. I guess my personal links should be on my profile rather than my hubs. They are considered ads when linked on your hubs. And yes, that will and did affect traffic because once I removed them, traffic increased instantly. Apparently HP is not about to be used for FREE adverstisement of my other projects! (Understandably so, lesson well learned.)  As Will Apse reminded me, I am still new at this thing so I'm just trying to manuever the ends and outs, dos and dont's, etc. It's not as much about the score as it is about writing with the purpose of sharing my thoughts just to have the hubs sitting idle not getting any traffic. Thanks to all of you for input

  6. YvetteParker profile image72
    YvetteParkerposted 6 years ago

    clarification: the ebay and amazon capsules were not the problem; but you do need to make sure that their ads match the content of your hub.