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Adsense not matching up with hubpages.

  1. poeticlady87 profile image59
    poeticlady87posted 9 years ago

    Hubpages says i've had 18 page views today, and adsense says I have 1.  Anybody else have this problem?  Anybody know how to fix it?

    1. prettydarkhorse profile image64
      prettydarkhorseposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I think they will never jibe, updating on both sides is all

  2. Cleanclover profile image45
    Cleancloverposted 8 years ago

    yes it is normal. My hub page views are always greater than adsense views.

  3. mel22 profile image59
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    maybe repeat internal traffic is not counted on adsense but is in hubpages(purely specualation)keyword being repeat. mines been off by a few but never by 17.

  4. sunforged profile image76
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    Hubpages operates on a 24 hour rolling stat

    Adsense is on PST and shows a calender day.

    So without the most important factor, they still wouldnt match exactly.

    The most important factor: ADSENSE ONLY APPEARS 60% OF THE TIME!

    neither one makes a distinction for unique users, they merely record page views.

  5. marieu profile image58
    marieuposted 8 years ago

    How do you start making money with hub through adsense?

    1. Dame Scribe profile image59
      Dame Scribeposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Sign up for adsense account, insert your code into affiliate settings under your HP my account tab  smile just the #'s not the whole code stuff

  6. Rik Ravado profile image92
    Rik Ravadoposted 8 years ago

    Good answer Sunforged
    marieu - check out the help button top right of this page - this explains how to set up the adsense account and link it to Hubpages.