Not So "Ho Ho" Christmas - Economy Crunches

  1. Lipstick Girl profile image61
    Lipstick Girlposted 10 years ago

    It's not gonna be a HO HO Christmas! More like a Hum Buggy Crunch Ho Ho Christmas! Huh? No way! It's still gonna be a ROCKIN' Christmas!

    I LOVE Christmas. I like the lights; the decorations.... the joy of the season.... the music..... the spirit.... Yeah, baby, I'm the Christmas Love Bunny Santa and I'm still spreadin' cheer!

    I've already started my Christmas shoppin', but didn't start until a few weeks ago. That fell short of my usual Christmas shopping extravaganzas which would have started around August-ish....

    Will the economy affect your Christmas spending? It HAS affected my family this year. Grrrr.... I've been trying to get my sister's, since September, to decide what we were going to do for Christmas. Draw names; buy for everyone.... Whatever it was, I wanted to know. I didn't even want to consider NOT buying at all nor was that even an option.

    Yesterday I got a call from one of my sisters in Maine. She called to tell me that they've decided to NOT buy for ANYONE this year because of the economy and the affects it's having in their own lives. BAH HUM BUG! Both my sisters are in the process of building houses.... Ok; that I understand! Yes, I know people are struggling.... But, that's not to say that I'm not disappointed.... Part of the fun in Christmas is buying for my family....

    My tree is going up! Yes sir reee! I'mma still gonna have a rockin' Christmas with or without presents to buy! It's Boogy time, Santa.... Let's Boogy! Rockin' around the Christmas tree just might be fun! I could think of a few things I COULD do under the Christmas tree. Now! Turn those Christmas tree lights ON.... Comere'.... Let's make love under the Christmas tree.... Well, maybe beside it. I'd like to think the tree would still be standing after making love.... There's just something romantic about making love on the floor beside a lit Christmas tree.... candles burning.... me in my sexi lingere.... a gorgeous man.... wine.... soft music.... Santa Baby?.... Comere! Unwrap me.... Untie my bows.... take off my lace.... Make LOVE to me Baby.... YIKES!

    The spirit of Christmas will always be in me.... BAH HUM BUG is NOT in my dictionary! Pssst.... I still might buy for my family!

  2. Pat Merewether profile image67
    Pat Merewetherposted 10 years ago

    I hear ya'.  One year my sis-in-law decided not to give Christmas gifts  that year (or ever again) - but she didn't tell anyone.  So we all gave her and her family gifts and got a cold stare. That hurt.  But I would have given stuff to my nephews anyway because that's the holiday spirit.

    Some of my friends and family are talking about giving gifts, just cutting back on the amount of money they spend on them.  I love buying/making Christmas gifts - and there are many inexpensive options - like books on Amazon!  None of us cares if a book we want is 'previously owned' and they can be dirt cheap - CD's and DVD's too.

    My elderly aunt still loves to send snail mail notes and I make her some with watercolors and stamps and then give her stamps for them. 

    We live in rural Michigan and it's really, really dark in winter and the Christmas lights cheer things up a ton.  I wish people would all leave them up until the end of Feburary.


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