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    mekan39posted 6 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    There are thousand of topics which are repeatedly written by hundred of writers; like biography of Ghandhi, Hitler, Chris, Mohammad etc written by many different writers. In all these cases, many common things like the life sketch and the deeds etc of those heroes written by the writers are always the same and can not be changed. It doesn’t mean that they copy or duplicate the written material of each other except that each writer presents it in his own style.
    Thus my article “Anecdotes of Uderolal - Jhulelal” is neither copied nor a duplicate. Of course like every writer, I had also to research and collect material from here and there (Books / Internet) to put in form of above said caption which no writer has ever written in that form in the past. Therefore, my article should not be categorized by you as copied and / or duplicate.
    In view of above I request that my article “Anecdotes of Uderolal - Jhulelal” must be reviewed for approval and published on your website.
    Munawar Arbab

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      sofsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You need to send an email to Also it would help to read the FAQ  section oh duplicate content before you actually write to them. It may help you edit and prevent your hubs from being moderated in the future. Hope that helps.
      Here is the link  Here is another link that would be useful to you..