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Annoying video ads at bottom of hubs

  1. RedElf profile image85
    RedElfposted 5 years ago

    I was just commenting on someone's hub, and started hearing voices touting a product. I scrolled down and the advertisement at the bottom was a video clip, yammering away at me to buy somehtign or other.

    People have had a lot to say about videos at the start of hubs that autoplay - and, yes, I agree they can be annoying - but is there anything we can do about these AdSense-served annoyances?

    1. lobobrandon profile image83
      lobobrandonposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Hmm!! That would be horrible reading something and being told to buy something else.. If it was me I'd bounce of the page and that's not good!

    2. Marina Lazarevic profile image83
      Marina Lazarevicposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks for reporting this, RedElf.

      Did you happen to remember anything about the appearance of the ad? Did it have a little blue triangle in the upper right hand corner? That usually means it's AdSense. As for the video ad itself: did the volume auto-play? Did the ad unit expand to a larger size?

      I'm not sure that the ad you saw was served up by AdSense, necessarily, so I'd like to get some more detail!

    3. KeithTax profile image79
      KeithTaxposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I only turn on my computer volumn when I have something to listen to. Otherwise the computer is on mute. Too many sites have this annoying garbage. I know, I know. Now you can't listen to Pandora and surf now.