My hubs lost in google

  1. FunHouse profile image61
    FunHouseposted 5 years ago

    Two days ago, my hubs went missing in Google. They are not de-indexed just don't appear on the first (gazillion) pages. Some of them were in the first 5 pages and I got some traffic (not much) but now my traffic has come to a lovely 0. This goes for all my hubs sad.

    My account is still new(ish) so I wonder could this be a temporary thing? Could this be a Panda thing and if so what can I do about it? I doubt they are over SEO-ed as I don't do much about it.

    I did a search where I copy/pasted my url to google and one of the results was strange - it was from the site that was hosted at 000webhost and as I went to the site it was taken down (for the reasons unknown to me, but I guess that it was up to no good). Could this be the reason (a bit unfair reason) as I have read that this has an impact on the page to.

    It is a bit frustrating smile