Changed Google AdSense ID (pub-ca XXXXXX---....)-but LINKS OF ADS OLD!

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    lafamilliaposted 5 years ago

    For Tech. Support Team!

    please resolve my problem with appearing ads, with old AdSense ID. I have a new one, but when You look over links that are displaying Google on my pages, in AdSense program applied on HP pages, they are old (links on ads) - and they are leading to old one profile, maybe until now - someone else.

    You can find me under "lafamillia", I worked HARD HARD HARD for second chance, I have got it, but Google Ads are still appearing in old kind of link - conncted to disapproved account.

    I tried to edit my ALL (plenty of) hubs, SEVERAL times, but - it seems that it has no effect.

    I am, in some kind - Your college - Certificated System Network Administrator, working in NCR Customore Care Support - Technical Manager for... , and I know it is an matter of Your team, as Google is Your client thats doing biz with You, in a meaning: "We give You space for Ads, you give us chance to attract writers" - fine business, but please take care about your writers that attract readers from all over the World.

    I hope that everything will be resolved. I am fully aware of ToU/T&A , and I have a right for AdSense and right of being treated well as it supposed to.

    With at most respect,
    Milaović B.
    "lafamillia" (

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      IzzyMposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      If you want to reply from the Hubpages team, email them directly at, don't use the forum to try and contact them. It is the weekend when most of them are off, so give them a few days to get back to you.

      Meanwhile, check under My Account ~> Earnings ~> External Affiliate settings, that it is your current Adsense ID that is being displayed.

      The Configure button is to the left hand side, though I have no idea what is displayed when your settings aren't correct. Try it and see, there should be a way for you to re-associate your account.