Photo capsules

  1. lilian1 profile image60
    lilian1posted 5 years ago

    Hi I want to start a new hub and add photo capsules but it wont let me it just shows photos from my old hubs when I try to add the photo capsules everything is very small and blurred why have they changed the format the previous one was much easier I would be grateful for any help thanks ..,..

    1. Amy Gillie profile image83
      Amy Gillieposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      When you click "edit" in a photo capsule, you have three options: upload, import, or my photos. If you want to upload a new photo, click on the upload link and it will allow you to bring in new photos. The import option allows you to import from the web. I suspect you are on the My Photos option, which allows you to choose from the ones you already have in your account.