Windows XP and Vista.

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    gypsy10posted 9 years ago

    We had windows Vista on our laptop and the computer was getting slower and slower. Our son said it was the Vista and changed it to XP. We are still getting problems and we are thinking we should not have changed. Can anyone give me some advice?

  2. Junkster profile image54
    Junksterposted 9 years ago

    Well for one it's not "the vista"  it's definitely going to be some sort of hardware or software related issue.  Hardware wise you may not have enough RAM, typical ammounts these days are around 1GB minimum, even netbooks with XP on them have 1GB so if you're anything below that then that may be the problem.

    Good news is that memory is dirt cheap these days and is readily available from sites like Newegg or even Amazon.

    If your PC started out quick though and this has become less so over time then it is likely to be a case of some sort of clogging up on your computer.  I'd download Spybot SD (Search and Destroy) and run that a few times, it should find most spyware or programs that are bogging your computer down.  I'd also recommend AVG Free anti virus, it cost's nothing and is a pretty competant anti virus program that should keep your computer free of anything nasty.

    Hope that helps smile