Monsanto maize banned in France

  1. profile image0
    timmathisenposted 6 years ago

    I'm not a big fan of genetically modified food or Monsanto, and I'm really picky about what I eat. I may be a minority.

    But I realize not everybody is that picky. In many third-world countries, folks are lucky to keep from starving, and increased yield production from genetically modified food may be a good thing in some cases.

    You may ask me, "well, if you wouldn't eat genetically modified food, why should people in third-world countries? They are human just like you."

    To that I say, good question. But I'm more interested in others' opinions about genetically modified food -- in light of Monsanto maize being temporarily banned in France.

    Any thoughts about this?

    Banned maize article: … cally-793/

    Maize for starving article: … seeds-095/

  2. Helena Ricketts profile image95
    Helena Rickettsposted 6 years ago

    I think that Monsanto is a garbage company that wants to control all of the food in the world for profit.  I simply refer to them as the Food Devil.  GMOs are just the tip of the iceberg with them.  Unfortunately it was all hidden from the public in the US for so long that the damage has already been done and most varieties of corn and soybeans are extinct as non-GMO now.  I've been watching this for years and screaming bloody murder about it but a lot of people are just now starting to take notice, unfortunately a bit too late. 

    I grow my own non-GMO crops, can/freeze it all and even grow our own animals and process some of it ourselves.  We stay away from that poison as much as possible.  All because of Monsanto and their trash food that will eventually kill us.

    In Europe, any food that contains GMO ingredients has to be labeled but not so here in the US.  I'm glad that France banned it.  It protects their corn crops for the moment anyway until any border plantings become infested and it runs through the country without them knowing it.

    GMO does not necessarily increase yields.  If you haven't watched it yet, take an hour and watch the video " Environment: Joel Salatin: War Stories from the Local Food Front." … food-front

    That farmer is a genius with nature.  He talks about a study done on GMO rice in Vietnam that perfectly explains how GMO in fact does not increase yields.  It's all in the verbiage that Monsanto uses.  Kinda like our politicians.  wink

    I could go on about this topic forever but I'll cut it off here.  smile

  3. Will Apse profile image90
    Will Apseposted 6 years ago

    Monsanto produce herbicide resistant maize.

    Farmers use huge quantities of herbicide to keep kill weeds without killing the maize.

    A little more food is raised.


    Herbicide manufacture and application consumes huge amounts of oil

    Oil is getting more and more expensive

    More land is devoted to growing sugar for alcohol fuels to replace oil

    Less land is used to grow food

    More people starve.


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