hello! How do i promote my books!?

  1. Johnathan L Groom profile image33
    Johnathan L Groomposted 5 years ago

    I have tried w/ the most experimental idea I've ever had.
    -Johnathan L. Groom-

  2. heart4theword profile image79
    heart4thewordposted 5 years ago

    I'm sure there are some authors here on the hub, who could answer this better than I.  I have been told that if you have a good book idea (manuscript) to find a publisher or a good literary agent to present your manuscript to a good publisher.  The problem I have run into so far is finding a literary agent who will give me the time of day...I know I just need to be more persistent.  Have checked into
    self-publishers...and have met people who have put out the dollars to self-publish, they have told of the pro's and con's to that.  Keep on promting and you should start seeing some success:)

  3. jacharless profile image78
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Hello Jonathan,
    A solid course of action to promoting your book is word-of-mouth, offline.
    I recently held a 'seminar' for a group of 30 that has now become a regular thing and more people coming to the meet-ups. they are all committed to order the print version of my book for themselves and friends.

    From talking to self-pub marketing people, the largest issue surrounding author books sales is the authors hesitation to go public or their continued efforts to reach out to new markets, people, bookstores and events.

    From experience unless you have a solid following no publisher will pick you up,
    less vanity presses and self-publishing.

    Tweet & FB are good outlets too.
    Facebook Group