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    Sparrowletposted 5 years ago

    I've just read through all I can find on the eBay earnings program, and I can't find an answer for my question. I am confused about how they arrive at the amount we get paid for a sale. On May 11th I had 2 sales from the same hub on ebay. When I check ebay sales report, the top part lists the total amount of the sales ($23.40) and then the revenue is listed as $1.17. In the Recent Winning eBay bids box below that, it has the 2 sales listed. Next to one it has .19 cents and then a +.48 in green below that. The other one says .32 cents with +.18 in green. Those 4 numbers equal the $1.17 in the top box. But my earnings were .08 on 5/25, .04 on 5/29, and another .04 on 5/30. I understand that the revenue listed is not our revenue, because it counts the total impressions and HubPages share of the earnings. But I can't figure out how they come to .16 cents out of that $1.17 revenue. Is there some formula I don't know about or something? I read the FAQ on this and it doesn't explain it. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate an answer.

    Thanks, Katharine

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      wildernessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      You don't get paid a sales commission from eBay.  Instead you are paid for a click, and the amount of pay depends on what your recent clicks were worth to eBay.

      Yes, there is a formula that you don't know (no one but eBay does) that determines the value of each click and thus sets your payment for tomorrows clicks, but that is all. 

      The only real use for the numbers you reference is to see where your sales are coming from (which hub) and, relatively speaking, how valuable they are to eBay.