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Do not want adsense revenue share but only hubpages ad program share

  1. Kamalakannan-2000 profile image60
    Kamalakannan-2000posted 5 years ago


    I have a strange requirement.

    I have an adsense id, but due to personal reasons I do not want my share of adsense ads to be shown to readers. Instead I am happy with hubpages showing their adsense ads everytime an adsense ad need to be shown.

    But however, I want a share of revenue from all other ads other than adsense that run from hubpages ad pool.

    To be more clear, I have an adsense id but haven't added it yet to the earnings share for my personal preference of not wanting my adsense share. But I do want share on other ads. But there is no way to selectively set up this.

    Please can you help me.


    1. lobobrandon profile image89
      lobobrandonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      There's no way to do that.

    2. ankitharrytom profile image78
      ankitharrytomposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      If you activate HubAd program after associating your Adsense then in any case most of your earnings will accumulate in HubAd program. Earnings through Adsense with HubAd program activated are negligible.

      1. Kamalakannan-2000 profile image60
        Kamalakannan-2000posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Hi thanks for the reply. In case I add my adsense id and activate the earnings program. Then if I go and disable third party account access for hubpages in adsense, will it affect hubpages ad program earnings ?

        1. relache profile image89
          relacheposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          No AdSense = no HubPages ad program.  Disable AdSense and your in-house ad program access will be stopped as well.

    3. Dale Hyde profile image82
      Dale Hydeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Since I have started on HubPages, and activated the HubPage program, my Adsense revenue is very light. The revenue on the Adsense will take yet many months to reach payout levels. As shared in a previous comment, there is not way to NOT earn on Adsense that I can find while having the HubPages program activated.

      I had had Adsense for years and yet to receive a payout there, lol.